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What the F*&k is Brand Management?

what is brand management

What is a Brand and what is Brand Management?

Well, pretty much your brand is your everything.

Posted by Paul Feeney

The ‘Brand’ is the gut feeling someone gets when they come in contact with your business. This could be in the form of a leaflet, Facebook post, billboard or online ad.

Someone will see ‘something’ posted or promoted by your business and in that moment have to decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Do they take a chance on you.. or someone else.

So, how do I explain or encapsulate that ‘gut’ feeling. How do I explain the ’emotional’ element of branding. It is at the core of every successful business in the world and yet it can still be difficult to explain.

At Businessman to the Rescue I can offer your business every tool it needs to grow. From website design to social media management to print marketing to blogging.

However, all these are just tools.

They are ways to connect our businesses to customers and if you are simply using them as tools, they will all fall short. They all must offer something more.

Everything that promotes your business to the world must connect with people on a gut level.

What I offer at Businessman to the Rescue is based on analysing, managing and presenting that ‘gut’ feeling to your customer base.

Brand Management is the same as Personal Branding

yes or no

The funny thing is, is that if you have ever been to a job interview, you know exactly what brand management is.

Have you ever been for a job interview you wanted so badly?

A job you just knew in your heart of hearts you had the skills and the fortitude to excel at if just given the chance.

How did you prepare yourself for that interview?

When readying ourselves for job interviews we really want, none of us simply show up. We put our best selves forward, both physically and mentally.

When presenting ourselves to a board of interviewers we all attempt to present ourselves professionally.

This is where we get into the ‘gut’ and ’emotional’ element of branding.

When I am going to an interview I, NOT ONLY need to present the best me. I also need to bring out the best me.

So, how do we do this?

Well, I put on a suit. I shave. I clean my shoes and comb my hair. I prepare for questions they may ask me. I learn about the company I want to work for. I attempt to present, both mentally and physically the best ‘me’ I can be. I get a good nights sleep the night before in an attempt to look fresh, ready and be mentally alert. I do all of this in order to look sharp and act sharp… and you know what?… I get the job!

I Got the Job!

Now, later that day in the pub when your friends ask you ‘How did you get the job?’ Will you say it was because you shaved?

Will you say it was because you shined your shoes or got a haircut?

Of course not.

As in truth is was none of these things. It was you who got the job. You simply combined everything together to show the interviewers in that moment the best you.

In that moment you convinced them to go with you, to choose you over everyone else. It was because in that moment you shone brightest, beat your competition and presented the best you you could be.

woman celebrating looking at computer

But, you know what’s even crazier!?

If you asked the interviewers ‘Why did you hire that person?’ ‘Was it because he shined his shoes, wore a suit or combed his hair?’
They would again say ‘of course not’ and yet we all know these things are necessary.

Every little tiny element all adds up to present your personal best and your personal brand.

No your haircut, suit or shoes don’t define you. Hell, even the exact words you said in the interview don’t. Interviewers ask questions to get a ‘feel’ for who they are talking too. They have an hour or so to get to the core of someone and then listen to their gut. They can’t know for certain who they are talking too.

We present our best selves and they in a moment react and decide whether it is a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. When it comes to job interviews that yes or no could change your life.

Well in business that ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ happens every second of every day.

The suit and the tie and shoes of your personal brand are replaced with your website, your business cards and your facebook page for your business brand.

People find you, they see you, they listen to you and in a moment decide what type of ‘feeling’ they have about you.

  • Will a facebook page guarantee more sales – No
  • Will cool business cards guarantee more sales – No
  • Will even an amazing website guarantee you more sales – No!

It is all of them.

If you wear a Prada suit to your interview while wearing flip flops – it’s game over.

And you know what, if you wear a pair of really expensive runners with a really expensive suit with an over the top elaborate expensive haircut, you will also not get the job.

Why? Is it because each item isn’t expensive enough? No, it’s because your personal brand also has to match whats going on!

From your business cards to your facebook post to your website. They all need to align. They need to present your business in the correct way and not confuse customers.

Every element of your business must be presented to potential customers in a professional and stylish manner at all times in every way.

THIS, is Brand Management.

Good design is good business.

Thomas J. Watson

I look after every element of your business. From the larger items like your suit (your website) to the smaller touches like your shiny shoes (business cards) or your correctly chosen tie (facebook)

It all must come together to present the correct story to the correct people, helping your business connect ’emotionally’ with your target audience.

Perfect Brand management is when people get presented with your business and get a ‘positive feeling’. They get a feeling of trust. They feel it in their gut that your business won’t let them down.

Perfect brand management is when someone listens to your business message and says ‘yes’ – Let’s choose this one.

I’m not sure why – I just have a good feeling.

Are you looking for a professional brand manager?

Each month I manage and grow all elements of how a business should align and speak to its target audience.

What is Brand Management?
Delving a Little Deeper

What happens when we need more than simply professional? How do we prepare ourselves for job interviews where we know we are up against the best?

What do we do when the stakes are higher? 

So hopefully, my little analogy of presenting ourselves in job interviews helped you understand the importance of how we present our businesses to the world.

My brand management services help businesses craft that presentation and I then personally manage the monthly maintenance of that presentation.

This usually comes in the form of:

  • Online Analysis

    – to make sure we are trying for the right job interviews

  • The implementation of Digital Marketing Strategies

    – the preparation of what to say and how to say it

  • Social Media Management

    – the questions and answers at the end of an interview where we get to show more of our personality as opposed to simply our professional side. This of course is just as important to help develop trust and tip that gut feeling into a positive response.


Upping the Stakes of Brand Managemeent

In interviews, just like in business, we must put our best selves forward

Now I’m going to push my ‘Job Interview’ Analogy a little Further.

Not everyone likes interviews. Many people could be perfectly suited to positions and never get them as they simply failed to connect with their interviewers. Perhaps they closed up, spoke too softly, shuffled nervously in their seats.

They have all the skills and requirements for the job but they just didn’t connect correctly. They didn’t put their best selves forward.

This is also so true for many of us in business. Many of my clients offer great services and products and still struggle as their brand image is just not clicking with the public.

So when going for that interview where the competition is fierce, we need to up our game. We need to dip our toes into the world of risk and reward.

If you know you are meant that for job then you need to go into that interview room presented even better than you are.

You are no longer attempting to present your best self as you know what; your best self won’t cut it.

Competition for this position is fierce and you just don’t have what it takes.

You know deep down if given the chance you could get it done and done well. But sitting in the waiting room looking at your fellow interviewees, you begin to sweat as you can see your competition is as hungry as you.

So what do we do when presenting the best you isn’t enough?

We present an even better fucking you!

Do you want the job or not!?

It’s risk and reward time and you need to put yourself on the line.

cheap suit versus expensive suit
Basic brand management versus professional brand management

No longer will the basic black suit with professional tie and haircut do you justice. you need to walk into that interview and create a stir. You need the interviewers to sit up and take notice of you. You need to make an impact, the correct impact and a memorable impact.

Now we need the tailor-made dark blue suit. The stylish and subtle waistcoat. Underneath your custom suit sits a stylish rolex with subtle yet confident cuff links. Your shoes aren’t clean they’re fucking sparkling.

If you know deep down your business can move up a level, then you need to move it up a level!

Your website can no longer be simply professional – It needs to be a responsive, E-commerce, lead-generating machine.

Your business cards cant be basic, regular cards, they need to be Spot UV glistening cards that make a memorable impact to every single person you meet.

your Facebook management isn’t some out of date page where you post the odd thing about your company. It is a hip, happening and engaging place where people who have found your business come to love your business.

“There is brand management which keeps your business where it is and there is brand management which pushes your business to where you want to be”.

I offer the latter.

Every time we’ve moved ahead in IBM, it was because someone was willing to take a chance, put his head on the block, and try something new.

Thomas J. Watson. Founder of IBM

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