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Stand by your deal? Present it in an innovative and convenient tear-off voucher card

Vouchers work, but presentation is key. If offering a service for a discount, people should be fighting to avail of it. However, in a world of discounts, buy one get one free’s, last minute deals and more, sometimes people fail to see the true value on offer. Sometimes, we need to help our customers separate ‘Fake Offers’ from ‘Real Deals’.

One proven way of doing this is the tear off gift voucher. Gift Vouchers are always printed on a heavier card. This alone lets the customer know they are receiving something of value. They can feel what they hold carries weight and holds value. They know that attention and care has even went into the presentation of said deal. My Perforated Gift Vouchers are printed on our thickest card with a perforated edge. The quality of the design, stock and perforation shows the customer that what they have in their hands holds value.

The perforation tips them over the edge as the incentive to use your discount housed within a beautifully presented voucher card.

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