Landing / Sales Pages by Brand Strategist & Copywriter Paul Feeney

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Increase your customer conversion rate, increase your sales

Once live, Landing Pages generate leads forever

Funnelled Sales Pages are one of the most effective online marketing strategies any business can utilise.

Directing customers to specific sales pages on a website instead of simply a homepage allows us to monitor and improve conversion rates of visitors to customers as time goes by.


Paul’s hands on approach to marketing and growing a business is exactly what a business needs

Martijn Moret - Chief Innovation Officer and Director of AirFi Operations in Asia

Paul’s hands on approach to marketing and growing a business is exactly what a business needs in todays fast paced world of digital marketing.

Landing pages are amazing investments.
they are never-ending lead-generating systems
for any business

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Landing Pages are
one-off investments

Once a landing page is designed, it is live forever. It continually promotes a service with no ongoing costs.

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Landing Pages
are accumulative

The more traffic a landing page receives – the more traffic a landing page receives!
Every customer lead generated and sale closed, makes it easier to generate the next one.

Landing Pages
can be monitored

Monitoring the impact of any marketing strategy is paramount to its success. I constantly analyse how your landing pages perform, continuously tweaking their design until their conversion rate is perfected.

Landing page benefits

  • Funnelled sales pages designed to increase sales added to your website continuously
  • Landing Pages are Sales Pages
  • Google analytics is added to monitor and track interest on each landing page
  • Bringing interested parties to specific pages allows us to better monitor, engage and interact with these potential customers
  • State of the art email capture software is added to each landing page

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