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To get more sales you need more customers, to get more customers, you need more traffic!

Blogging is Accumulative!

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Connect with Customers

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Grow Loyalty

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Generate Leads

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Increase your Website’s SEO

Blogging Increases Traffic

Blogging is the best way to increase profits for a business. Every business needs a website and every business can utilise that website to establish new leads and new customers.

There are many ways to generate these leads. Services such as Facebook ads, Google ads and Email Marketing are excellent to name a few. However, when you stop utilising these tactics (to increase your websites ranking) your traffic also stops.

Traffic generated through blogging never goes away. It becomes an accumulative snowball of SEO which grows bigger and bigger as each blog post gets added – if written correctly.

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Blogging is Accumulative

What makes blogging unique in terms of online marketing is its tactical simplicity. SEO blogs may be difficult and time-consuming in creation, but in terms of strategy - are simple. Online advertising tactics such as Google ads are complex and if not approached carefully can result in a massive loss in investment. This is not the case with Blogging.

Each blog post I add builds your online brand, increases your websites traffic and increases your websites ranking on Google. This leads to your website reaching more and more potential customers. A win-win situation.


Blogging is Simple

A blog post written with specific keywords in mind offers endless online advertising potential for a business. Blogs can be used for promoting products, services, increase brand awareness and generate customer leads.

A blog is a company’s most powerful tool for cost-effectively marketing itself. However, the main reason why blogging is such an effective SEO tactic is because it is not a trick. Google loves blogs!

Adding fresh, relevant, long-tailed blog posts to a website on a regular basis is the only true way to increase a website’s online ranking.With more traffic finding your website this inevitably leads to an increase in revenue – which unlike other SEO methods is irreversible.


Blogs can ask for feedback and ideas and get customers involved. In today’s world of Social Media, people no longer want to buy from faceless companies. Customers want to feel apart of something.

More than bad service, customers hate indifference. Allow me to grow your client base, showcase your companies ethos and promote your brands personality.

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