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Clarify your message, increase your sales

You’ve finally found it!

You’ve finally found it! A Design & Marketing Consultant who will grow and manage your Brand, Online Traffic, Email Marketing Lists & Social Media presence all at an affordable price.

My name is Paul Feeney and I specialise in closed-loop marketing systems and brand management specifically designed for the online needs of the hospitality sector and SMEs.

I write, design and implement business systems designed to continuously grow an establishment's Online traffic, SEO, Subscriber Lists, Social Media Presence and Brand.


A closed Loop marketing system specifically designed to grow your business

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Every business, no matter its size is at a different level of STUCK. From starter companies to large enterprises they all want to improve their online presence, get ranked highly on Google and grow their following on Social Media.

However with the implementation of digital strategies being complex, expensive, slow or all 3, growing an online presence can be frustrating.

What’s more frustrating is we know it must be done ….. continuously. You can’t just get your businesses ranked number 1 on Google and then stop. Once you stop, your website goes back down and with it your customer growth.

When it comes to online marketing or growing your business in general, we are all looking for that edge over the competition.

Well today you have found it ........... me

My approach works because everything I do is focused on 3 irrefutable business truths


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Increase your customer base

If your website ranking increases, more people find your establishment.

If more people find your establishment you have a larger pool of potential customers.

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Increase the average transaction value per customer

You can only increase your average price point when trust has been established. Trust is established via constant contact and by the customer feeling respected, valued and apart of something larger, not a business, but a brand.

Increase the number of transactions per customer

Email marketing is the best way to sell online. However, to do this a list of subscribers is needed.
You can’t build a list of subscribers without trust and you can’t establish trust without a brand


Closed Loop marketing is about Business Synergy and maximising the value of individual marketing strategies:

Having a website is great, but pointless if people aren’t able to find your website via organic search terms.

A website remains pointless if when people do find it they aren’t converted to customers.

Facebook pages or Twitter accounts with many followers or likes are pointless if not increasing a business’s bottom line.

Marketing in any form (such as print marketing) is great for short term success, but falls short of its full potential if directing interested parties to a website with no system in place to convert said viewers to customers.

“Each element of my system is linked to the next. If one link is weak or broken, the conversion chain of viewer to subscriber, subscriber / follower to customer is broken. All elements must work together.”

Marketing works! It's how you get sales. Create an ad campaign on Facebook or Google Ads today and you will increase sales. Distribute 5000 well-designed flyers and you will increase sales. However, these individual strategies can only close sales, nothing more.

Growing a successful business is not about closing sales, it is about growing your customer base.

Irrefutable Business Truth Number 1: To grow your business you must increase your number of customers


What is Closed-Loop

What Happens When I
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Expert Advice and Personalised Help, 
​Every Step of the Way

I won’t just grow your business. I will input a never-ending, lead generating system into your business which will forever increase sales.

A solid business foundation of optimised website, focused brand across all mediums and energised online presence from email marketing to social media. A system designed specifically to continuously grow your business.