Sean O’Gallchoir

Sean O'Gallchoir

Brand Strategist & Marketing Consultant

I finished up my role as Director of Golf in Dunmurry Springs Golf Club, Co. Kildare in September 2018 after 10 years at one of Kildare's best golf clubs. I am now seeking to develop my career, to bring my knowledge and experience with me and I am very open to a new challenge wherever that may be.

*Specialties* Sales - Marketing - Business Support - Advertising - Retail - Revenue Growth - Lead Generation - Customer Service - Golf Management - PR & Communications - Influencer

I feel over the 15 years I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the golf industry during my time in Scotland, USA and at home in Ireland. This has given me an insight and understanding of how various golf clubs and businesses operate. In all my previous positions to date, I have established strong working relationships with staff, members, visitors and golf industry professionals.

Sean is a Sales, Marketing and Public Relations Professional. Sean has acquired many skills in his career to date, his ability to build and maintain strong long term working relationships make him a very talented professional with a unique capability to engage with clients, to build trust and to work closely with businesses and professionals to reach their goal or vision. His experience with people, personalities and the PR world has allowed him to develop a strong instinct when dealing with people with a strong business acumen. Sean can adapt rapidly to various situations and individuals.

Sean’s specialties lie in Sales, Marketing, Business Support, Advertising, Retail, Revenue Growth, Lead Generation, Customer Service, Management and PR & Communications.

Sean is also a native Gaeilge speaker and has worked on some projects with the Irish language. Sean has a very strong Golf and Business background. He gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the golf industry during his time in Scotland and in USA progressing his career. In Ireland, Sean has worked in The K-Club, Druids Glen, Dunmurry Springs and has established very strong working relationships throughout the Country and the World. Sean is a keen Golfer and also enjoys Soccer and GAA.

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