Professional Leaflet Marketing Campaign with Landing Page
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Professional Flyer Marketing with Landing Page

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Get more leads from your flyers today

Fast, simple and effective, a professional flyer marketing campaign always increases sales.

Now combine this effective offline marketing strategy with the best of online marketing tools by directing potential customers to a specific sales page on your website instead of simply your homepage. This allows us to monitor the impact of your flyers and continue marketing at now ‘warmed prospects’ via email marketing and/or facebook ads.

professional leaflet marketing

The Flyer or Leaflet directs customers to a specific page on your website


This marketing combination of short-term sales with flyers combined with long-term interaction via the landing page offers maximum return on your marketing investment.

Your initial investment is quickly returned while leaving a never-ending lead-generating system for your business


Flyers are cheap

Flyers are still one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for any business today.

Landing Pages are one-off investments

Once a landing page is designed, it is live forever. It continually promotes a service with no ongoing costs.

Flyers are fast

1000’s of lead-generating flyers can be designed, printed and distributed in days.

Landing Pages are accumulative

The more traffic a landing page receives – the more traffic a landing page receives! Every customer lead generated and sale closed, makes it easier to generate the next one.

Flyers are simple

Want to promote something? Get your message out there in the thousands to your local area. No ongoing fees like online marketing.

Landing Pages can be monitored and tracked

Monitoring the impact of any marketing strategy is paramount to its success. A landing page (Unlike a flyer campaign on its own) can track and monitor the potential customers it attracts.

From Flyer to Lead,
Landing Page to Sale

A funnelled page designed to increase sales

  • Flyers directs customers to the landing page
  • State of the art email capture software is added
  • Facebook monitoring software can also be added
  • Google analytics is added to monitor and track interest
  • Further company services can be highlighted
  • Upsells, cross-sells and discounts can be promoted

landing page design for leaflet marketing

Once live, Landing Pages generate leads forever


This Marketing Strategy can be in effect in days

Leaflets can be designed and printed in days. While your flyers are being printed your landing page is designed. 1000’s of leads can be promoting and tracking your local customer base quickly, easily and cheaply by next week.

Online Marketing is Accumulative

Bringing interested parties online lets us monitor, engage and interact with these potential customers.

Monitor Every Campaign

Measuring the performance of any marketing activity is vital to a business’ success. Combining flyering with online landing pages allows us to monitor, track and engage with customers on a whole new level.

Landing Pages are Sales Pages

Landing pages are specific web pages designed to highlight and push specific services.


Attracting More Customers


Combine a professionally designed flyer with a specifically designed funnelled sales page (landing page) for maximum customer impact