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Scratch Card Printing

Simple, Versatile and Fun. Everyone Loves to Scratch a Scratch Card

Giving customer’s the feeling of ‘winning’ is a powerful emotion. Grabbing customers attention in 3 seconds or less is imperative in all forms of marketing and scratch cards are perfect for greatly increasing these odds.

Scratch Cards add an element of interaction with marketing material causing customers to spend a longer amount of time with a message. Increased participation with an offer ultimately leads to more purchases. Keeping customers intrigued and interested in a message takes a considerable amount of work and creativity when it comes to straightforward marketing like leaflets and flyers. However, with Scratch Cards this becomes much more impactful.

One-off profit is great, but building loyalty, your customer base, customer relations and your brand is what true marketing is all about. When Scratch cards are utilised as part of a larger goal they can be hugely successful. Scratch Cards offer instant results and greatly help with future marketing.

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