Increase Your Sales with Targeted Menu Design
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The menu is your first opportunity to persuade & impress a potential customer

Go into any hospitality business in Ireland whether it be a bar, restaurant or 5-star hotel and you will no doubt find a 1980’s leather-bound case housing plain white sheets of uninspiring text.

It boggles my mind the amount of investment owners will place into an establishment, but scrimp on the one item that will
  • a) Be the first port of call to tempt a customer into your establish
  • b) Attempt to encapsulate the entire ethos and standard of your business when placed in your customers hands.
A menu should exude the brand and nature of an establishment as well as the calibre of food and drink it offers.
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Inhouse Menu Design

How many times have you stared at two white menu sheets outside a restaurant only to move on.

Menus need to do far more than simply display meals and price’s. A well-designed menu should captivate, inspire, invoke and entice patrons to not only try your establishment but try new dishes, new wines, spend more and eat more.

Your menu is the only connection between your business, kitchen and patron. You cannot squander such a moment with an unimaginative menu.


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