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Let’s Speed Up The Process With Backlinks

One of the fastest and most effective ways to increase a websites ranking in Google is by correctly utilising backlinks. (A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website). I have developed a specific SEO Package combining the full SEO advantages of Google+ with this effective SEO method.

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Adding Important keyword rich Information to Directories

I submit your business information in the correct manner to local directories, niche directories, local classifieds, popular directories, business citation sites and more.

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Correctly setting up your
Google+ pages

I setup (if necessary) optimise and design your companies Google+ business page with verified Google Map listing. Bespoke artwork is also added designed with your brand and services in mind.

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Strengthening your local
online presence

Your contact information is added to local directories increasing the speed in which your site is indexed.
This establishes your websites local online presence much faster.


This incredible SEO package includes over 100 hand picked sites designed specifically to increase your websites localised ranking.

40 Top Citations

A citation is a mention of your business name with additional information, such as addresses, contact information and web address.

  • Citations are now integral to getting websites ranked. All being equal, a business with a greater number of citations will rank higher than a business with fewer citations. Local citations help Google clarify who you are, where you are and what you do. Citations are even more important for businessmen such as plumbers or electricians. Many tradesmen don’t have websites at all. Google will rely solely on any local citations it can find.

25 Local Directory Submissions

  • Being cited in local directories is pivotal to the success of any bricks and mortar business in today’s online business world. Cork will submit your website to the best local business directories in Ireland. Approximately 80% of web searches target local businesses. As a local business owner, you must inform Google you exist. Local directory submissions are the easiest and fastest way to achieve this, while also increasing your ranking in Google.

5 Popular Directories
and 5 Niche Directories

  • In the correct manner I add your business information to popular Irish sites improving your SEO, as well as specific high ranking sites related to your industry.

Setup of Google+ Business Pages

  • All profiles will be optimised for SEO and Local online visibility to ensure you get the most effective results from google’s services.

Setup of Google+ Business Pages

  • All links and reviews are ‘drip added’ over a 10 Day period. This ensures there are no issues from the beloved Googlebot. All information is added manually and each profile is filled out fully with the companys brand, services, keywords and reputation in mind.

5-10 Local Classifieds

  • Local classified ads are excellent for getting specific services, promotions or pages indexed by Google quickly.

    Local classifieds are excellent as they rank specific keywords pertaining to your business, direct local traffic to your website and promote specific services and web pages much faster than other means.

    My SEO backlink package does just that adding your business details to local classifieds strengthening your online visibility, trust score and local SEO strength.

Increase your websites ranking today with SEO packages specifically designed to cost-effectively implement quality backlinks to your site.