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Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with the endless array of marketing tactics available to us as business owners? The marketing and growth strategies of our companies must now be spread across a wide range of offline and online marketing mediums, all of which are expensive, complex and time-consuming. My unique experience in using all of these mediums gives me the opportunity to help a wide range of business owners.

Join me each month where you can take a few hours to allow yourself to step back from your business, look at where your business is going, where you want it to be and develop marketing strategies aimed at helping you get there.

When business owners come together, support and solutions ultimately follow but it will my my job to ensure each member develops a clear path to success, implements the necessary steps to move in that direction, increase sales and grow their businesses.

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I can't stress enough, that behind the success of any business is its ability to connect with customers via a simple and clear message; and to create and develop that message is difficult. My job and the aim of this Mastermind group is to facilitate the creation of this perfect message for each member and to offer hands-on help in shaping that message into a clear marketing strategy for every member.

I myself spend 2 hours after every meeting researching solutions to each members business issues presenting ideas, marketing strategies and solutions to the business issues they face.


Each Mastermind session gives members the opportunity to focus on their business, ask questions, become unstuck and overcome obstacles.


We all get stuck working in our businesses not on our businesses. Masterminds help by offering the time, encouragement and expertise to develop clear goals, strategies to attain said goals and also hold members accountable to move forward.


True accountability requires 2 parties. If there are no consequences for not fulfilling our “to do” lists, then are we really being held accountable?
I think not.


Having the opportunity each month to connect on a deeper level with a group of friendly, welcoming, like-minded business owners will offer huge momentum and focus to your business.


The mastermind group has completely pushed my business helping me stay positive, make plans and stick to them!

I love the mastermind group for boosting my energy! It revitalizes my interest in marketing strategies I know will work but never get the time or make the time to implement them. Paul and the group are just great for support and encouragement which I love having each week (as I work for myself and from home). The mastermind group has completely pushed my business helping me stay positive, make plans and stick to them!

Lindsey Mitchell - Mental Performance Coach

I highly recommend masterminds to anyone in business...

Masterminds are quintessential to my business because they allow me to connect with other like-minded individuals. These individuals allow me to ask real questions and get help for my business that you cannot get in an online forum. It helps hold me accountable to doing what needs to be done to grow my business, but I also learn invaluable tips from other’s scenarios that I would’ve never even thought of. I highly recommend masterminds to anyone in business - no matter what level you are in [just starting out, been in business for a decade]. We can always be learning new things, and always need that support system to help each other out!

Jeff McMahon - Personal Transformation Advisor

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EVERY month

Monthly Mastermind Meetup

€195.97 per month

This Mastermind Group Offers:

  • Sessions take place on the second Sunday of every month at 8:30am in Cafe Velo, George's Quay, Cork
  • The Mastermind is facilitated by Brand Strategist Paul Feeney who has unique experience in a wide range of marketing mediums
  • The Mastermind is a place of support, inspiration and connections
  • Each month 2 members are placed in the 'hot seat' with primary focus given to their business needs. After each session Paul spends 2 additional hours researching solutions to your specific business needs
  • The Mastermind is a place to ask questions and get answers from myself and other business owners

Meeting creative, driven people every month gives me such a boost of energy for my projects...

The mastermind group has been great Paul, it given me a great focus in how I fully utilise my skillset in data analytics. As a programmer you have to be careful not to become focused on the wrong thing and to make sure you are constantly getting live feedback from real business owners. Meeting creative, driven people every month gives me such a boost of energy for my projects.

Shamsul Hassan - Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Architect, Apple

Running a cafe is one thing but growing a cafe another

I find the Mastermind great at pushing me to continue to move forward. Running a cafe is one thing but growing a cafe another, and this group allows me time each month to develop ideas and strategies to help market and grow my business.

Liam Mullaney - Owner
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