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Join a vibrant and driven weekly call to gain traction, focus and clarity on business strategies and marketing tactics. Mastermind calls take place every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 7pm. Each group call is comprised of no more than 12 business owners. The call is headed up by business and marketing consultant Paul Feeney. 

Knowledge is gleaned from everyones experience in how they are running, managing and growing their companies, however, Paul Feeney runs each call and is there to guide all participants by developing strategies for each participant and holding each participant accountable to their goals and plans.


Lets find a marketing strategy that works


No longer feel overwhelmed and frustrated at which marketing tactics to use

Support & Accountability

Be supported to stay committed to your strategy until success

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CEO, Paul Feeney

With over 10 years experience in running and growing businesses, I understand the struggle of managing the day to day runnings of a business while never getting time to actually grow and market your own business!

It happens to the best of us. We get trapped running our companies, not growing them.

Join a mastermind group where via weekly calls I will teach you marketing strategies guaranteed to help grow your business, build your online presence and increase your sales.

Discover why my Masterminds have helped businesses like yours double their revenue

calls every tuesday, wednesday & thursday

Weekly Mastermind Calls

€97.95 per month

Via my weekly mastermind conference call you attain real knowledge and experience no matter where you are in the world. Begin improving and developing your business from the comfort of your own home. No need to travel - saving you time and money; my virtual mastermind groups are just as powerful as my face-to-face groups offering you all you need to build your business. 


Each month every member receives 1 hour of bespoke analyse, business planning, marketing development and hands-on web design help to focus their company on a path to success.


Weekly Call at 7pm

3-12 Business Owners

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Weekly Call at 7pm

3-12 Business Owners

Cancel anytime


Weekly Call at 7pm

2-6 Business Owners

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Virtual Mastermind Benefits

Personal Growth & Energy

"You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With" Jim Rohn. You will amazed and shocked at how discussing business ideas with a group of like-minded people with a high amount of energy will bring you a tremendous amount of personal as well as professional growth.

Support & Encouragement

A mastermind group is a safe place of mutual support. Everyone wants to improve and so encouragement and respect which flow naturally through a mastermind is something somewhat lacking in today's business environment.
After tossing around an idea and looking at it from all angles, if you decide to "go for it" you will have a group of people supporting you and hoping for your success. There is no competition in a mastermind group. Everyone wants everyone else to be successful.

Resources & Networking

While Mastermind groups are not about networking you will naturally find yourself on the receiving end of a tremendous amount of resources.

"You can get everything in life you want, if you'll just help enough other people get what they want." 

Differing Perspectives

If you interact with the same people over and over again then your perspective on business will remain the same. It is incredibly refreshing and powerful to belong to a mastermind group with people of differing views and perspectives. Coming in contact with new business owners of different industries and disciplines will help you to see things in your business from a completely different and unique vantage point. This helps you see things you would have never even imagined.

Bespoke Business Planning

All members also receive 1 hour per month of business planning and analyse, marketing development and hands-on web design help by myself on an individualised bespoke basis.

Learn From Anywhere!

The beauty of Mastermind calls is that they can be utilised from anywhere. As long as you have your laptop or phone and a set of headphones, you can login and avail of advice, support and strategy development. Perfect for people working from home.

Mastermind Call FAQs

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Meeting creative, driven people every month gives me such a boost of energy for my projects...

The mastermind group has been great Paul, it given me a great focus in how I fully utilise my skillset in data analytics. As a programmer you have to be careful not to become focused on the wrong thing and to make sure you are constantly getting live feedback from real business owners. Meeting creative, driven people every month gives me such a boost of energy for my projects.

Shamsul Hassan - Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Architect, Apple

I highly recommend masterminds to anyone in business...

Masterminds are quintessential to my business because they allow me to connect with other like-minded individuals. These individuals allow me to ask real questions and get help for my business that you cannot get in an online forum. It helps hold me accountable to doing what needs to be done to grow my business, but I also learn invaluable tips from other’s scenarios that I would’ve never even thought of. I highly recommend masterminds to anyone in business - no matter what level you are in [just starting out, been in business for a decade]. We can always be learning new things, and always need that support system to help each other out!

Jeff McMahon - Personal Transformation Advisor

The mastermind group has completely pushed my business helping me stay positive, make plans and stick to them!

I love the mastermind group for boosting my energy! It revitalizes my interest in marketing strategies I know will work but never get the time or make the time to implement them. Paul and the group are just great for support and encouragement which I love having each week (as I work for myself and from home). The mastermind group has completely pushed my business helping me stay positive, make plans and stick to them!

Lindsey Mitchell - Mental Performance Coach

Gain clarity, confidence and clients through
advice, support & accountability

Paul Feeney is a professional brand strategist & digital marketer based in Cork, Ireland. CEO Paul Feeney (owner of Businessman to the Rescue, Cork and co-founder of Space ADX, Pushowl & Beloyal) is a multi-disciplinary designer working with clients all over the world; his speciality being Brand Strategy, Copywriting and Marketing.

T: +353 (0)89 411 8014  |  E: hello (at) paulfeeney (dot) com

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