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digital nomad designer paul feeney

My name is Paul Feeney. I am an experienced marketer and brand strategist who from 2012 to 2017 travelled the world as a digital nomad. During that time I worked in 97 co-working spaces in over 30 countries. I love co-working! I love working with people & being surrounded by the energy that comes from people passionate about what they do.

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mental & physical HEALTH

Health is an important part of the Bodhi ethos. I will strive to help and motivate all Bodhi members to stay healthy ensuring focus and clarity in business.

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Interviews will be conducted with members to keep them focused, on point and to aid in growing their brand and online following.

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As a brand strategist, copywriter and marketer it is my job (and the purpose of Bodhi) to ensure the businesses of all members move forward.

my skills

With over 10 years experience in brand building, print marketing, digital marketing and social media management, I will be on hand to ensure all members move forward, no matter what medium or strategy we pursue.

brand building


Your Business' online brand and customer demographic will be analysed and focused

web design


I can help all members with hosting, building and designing a high converting responsive website

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Email Marketing

I can offer members Inbuilt email capturing software to build their customer email lists faster & more effectively

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Advice and help with SEO and SEO strategies can be implemented into your business. 

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To promote Bodhi I will need to promote my members! Unlike other Co-Working spaces, the success of Bodhi will lie in the growth of its members, not in the growth of the space.

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Blogging & Traffic

I specialise in long-tail content marketing which I can help all members with. Content marketing is paramount to the future success of any business in the digital age.

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Sales Pages

No matter your business, you need web pages specifically designed to sell your products and/or services. Together we will research, build, learn to promote and automate such sales pages.

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Analysing your websites analytics will help us tweak and improve your brand message and increase sales.


The success of your business is intrinsically linked to the success of mine. I will so whatever it takes to grow the businesses of my members.


As a brand strategist my job is to grow my client's businesses. I specialise in inputing never-ending, lead generating systems which forever increase sales. I build solid business foundations of optimised website, focused brand (across all mediums) and energised online presence from email marketing to social media. A system designed specifically to continuously grow a business.

In Bodhi my aim will be to help all members build such a system and achieve true success in business & in life