7 Ways to Increase Sales with Flyer Distribution

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The great thing about Flyer Distribution is that it we know it works! It is a tried and tested formula for increasing sales. Flyers are fast, cheap and can be bought in the 1000’s. Getting them out into the world is a little trickier I grant you, but all in all, door to door flyer distribution, placing flyers on windscreens or simply flyering is a proven and successful marketing method.

However, it is the very fact that flyering is a simple marketing method why so many business owners fail to utilise flyers to their full potential.

Just because something is simple, does not mean its easy

If you distribute 10,000 flyers the standard reaction is approximately 1%. This is 100 customers and for most businesses, they will see this as a successful flyering campaign.

However, to push this percentage to 2%, 3%, 4% or even 5% is very possible. To do so however, you must take your flyer design seriously. You must see this small, innocuous A6 or A5 piece of cardboard and transform it into an emotional connection between you and your local target audience.

you must scream your message off the flyer when it comes to flyer distribution
Most business owners tend to underestimate the potential of flyering. Even a 2% – 3% increase in the impact of a flyering campaign can result in 100’s of additional customers

You must attempt to place yourself in the shoes of your customers and reach out to them from off the flyer, grabbing them and shaking them that your business offers the solution they have been looking for.

Every extra bit of effort spent crafting the message of your flyer will not be lost on all who see it. They will see you care, as you should.

It is in this struggle to convince the viewer to trust your business where we will seize the extra percent.

Before you design, print and distribute thousands of potential leads for your business, take note of my 6 flyer distribution tips below:

1. Make your Message EXTRA clear

shoe sales flyer

All marketing must have a strong message. This message must be conveyed quickly, creatively and clearly.

In terms of print marketing, a message must be visualised. Depending on the print medium chosen the message must be visualised in different ways.

  • Brochures must be Bold, Captivating and Convincing with strong Headings and Subheadings.
  • Folders must be Professional, Informational and look to the Future of growth and success.
  • Pull Up Banner Stand must be Short and Snappy.

and so on.

When it comes to Flyers they must be Imaginative, Memorable and with Sharp Copy.

However… when it comes to flyer distribution

the design of your flyer must be even MORE unique, MORE Memorable and with even sharper and shorter copy.

The flyer did not get handed to them. They did not willingly pick it up. This flyer was shoved in someones letterbox. People have come to expect this, but nonetheless your flyer now has to work extra hard to grab the viewers attention. If your message, design, promotion or discount is even going to get a glance it must SHOUT off the page and scream at the holder. To get someone to pay attention to your flyer we must be bold.

controversial flyer design
This is simply a reaction, but a reaction nonetheless. You MUST attempt to stir reaction

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2. Flyer Distribution not Leaflet Distribution

which are better? leaflets or flyers to door to door distribution

Yes, leaflets are cheaper. But you are not trying to save money by distributing leaflets, you are trying to make money.

We are attempting to spread a message. If saving money damages the spreading of this message than the whole exercise becomes pointless.

Letterboxes are stiff. In order for a leaflet distribution company to put your leaflet through the letterbox, they must either fold it, shove it or crumple it. Leaflets are only paper. When someone picks up a crumpled leaflet which they did not want to pick up in the first place. It changes from being junk mail to simply junk. A crumpled piece of paper they will likely throw away.

It is imperative your message and design remains neat and presentable. We are presenting your company. No matter what you are presenting it must always be neat.

If you don’t take your message seriously, why should your potential viewer.

Flyers help this. Their extra thickness allows the flyer to neatly be placed through even the stiffest of letterboxes. Even if falling to the floor, a flyer will remain perfect, solid and presentable for our potential future customers.

You have already invested money into the design, print and distribution of your message. Let’s not fall short with our precious message getting destroyed at the last hurdle.

which are better? leaflets or flyers to door to door distribution

Yes, flyers are smaller than leaflets, but why do you need additional space. If distributing a message your message should be short and snappy. Paragraphs of text should not be included.

3. When Distributing a Message Use Shaped Flyers for Extra Impact

shape of coffee cup out of coffee beans

We have seconds of distracted attention as someone carries your message from the door to their bin. We must grab their eye. One way to ensure this happens is by adding a simple shape.

As mentioned above, when it comes to flyers we must act fast with our message. But with flyers designed for distribution it must be even faster and have more punch. Every trick would be pulled out to make sure every flyer, every message is read. This ensures maximum impact and maximum return on investment.

Shaped flyers always grab attention. Subconsciously we see what we want to see. If the shape of a flyer is like a football, every man will read it, regardless if the shape has anything to do with the message. But reading our message and making an impact is what we want.

4. Focus on the Customer, NOT Your Company

worshiping customers

I don’t care if you have great customer service or 30 years experience, what can you do for me!

This is where most small businesses fall short. No matter how hard I try to convince, most will stick with what they know.

Place the logo there, nice and big, contact details there, put the map there. Make sure to mention this.. which shows how good our company is.

Customers don’t care about your company. Customers want your company to care about them!

  • To please THEM is your main priority.
  • To offer the best to THEM is what will make you a success.
  • You should kiss the feet of your customers.
  • Show them your love and loyalty.
  • Show them your passion.

Show them you will do anything to make them happy and that you are so appreciative of their custom. Love them and they will love you in return. But don’t just say it – show it – PROVE IT!

closed loop marketing for small businesses

5. Focus on the Customer, NOT Your Company

steve jobs quotes on customer care

When it comes to flyer distribution you want more than a ‘Call To Action’. You want a ‘Connection to Action’ – ‘An Incentive to Action’.

In seconds you are trying to convince someone to get in touch with you.

Call Today – Is not going to cut it

Visit us Instore – will not suffice.

steve jobs quotes on customer care

If you could place your hands on their shoulders and look into every person who picked up your flyer and say one sentence to convince them your business will better their lives – what would you say.

What can you say to someone who is perhaps seeing your companies message for the first time, to make them get in touch with you.

What can you offer them, to show them you care. That all you want is to be given a chance to showcase what your company can do.

You are asking for a chance. You are asking them to trust you. You – a company they have never met or heard of.

You are saying to them, give me one go. I am a local business and I stake my name on this business and the service I offer. Give me one go to prove it.

6. Adding a Discount

discounts on flyers give customers a nudge in the right direction
Discounts on flyers can give customers a nudge in the right direction

This follows on from point 5. Yes, we are trying to make sales, but more importantly, we are trying to make customers and build a business. To do this we need a customer base and a loyal one at that.

Personally, when it comes to Flyers ‘Usually’ adding a discount is a good idea. A small nudge to help the recipient get in touch.

I won’t argue the pros and cons of doing so.

All I will ask is you ponder this one statement.

You are a new Barbers and you have delivered 5000 flyers into the local community. The flyer contain no discount. From this flyer drop you receive a 1% return. (A common reaction to flyering or leafleting) This has resulted in 50 people coming to your store paying the full price. Maybe some of them come back, maybe all of them.


You distribute 5000 flyers which has a 50% OFF DISCOUNT. This results in a 5% reaction. (Again very normal for such a large offer) This has now resulted in 250 new customers! Yes it is true that you have cut your profit margin to the bone and after a grueling month of work you have little results in terms of money to show for it. But you had 250 customers! Making money is the easy part, Getting customers is the hard part! It the hard part of any business.

Personally, I believe if you concentrate on attracting customers first, profits will come.

If you offer a good service, customers will return. The more that the return the steadier your business becomes. Once a business is steady in growth it allows a business owner vast opportunities in terms of growth and he/she can now always rely on his steady stream of loyal customers whom he/ she built up.

closed loop marketing for small businesses

7. Adding a Method of Measurement

to measure is to know
If you can’t monitor your flyering campaigns impact, we can’t measure or improve it success the second time around

The secret behind all great marketing, no matter the medium, is in your ability to measure its impact.

Measuring the impact of your flyering gives your business a great edge. Can you imagine if every time you sent out a flyering campaign you knew its results. You knew how people were interested, how interested, how many bought or referred or got in touch.

Of course, the simplest way of doing this is the tactic above – Adding a discount. This results in people having to bring in your flyer to your store or apply a coupon online. This shows a direct result of your flyer campaign.

However, what about the hundreds of people who were interested – they just weren’t interested at that moment.

Of course, a percentage of people saw your flyer and your message did resonate. They thought YES – I will give that new barbers a go. I will try out that new restaurant etc Just not straight away. How do we monitor their interest. In days gone by, this was difficult, but in today’s world of online marketing, online monitoring software and even social media management, this can be achieved.

If you can’t monitor your flyering campaigns impact, we can’t measure or improve it success the second time around

Measuring the success and interest of who sees your flyering offers a whole new dimension to the future success and growth potential for your business.

how can i measure the impact of my flyering campaign

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