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I offer an affordable Social Media Management Service - simple as that.

Having an online social presence is now a must for every business and my Social Media Management Services are here to take care of that for you.

Social media marketing is imperative for the success of every business, however business owners should still remain free to focus on their main strengths, while I focus on mine – Managing and growing your customer base via Social Media. Whether you’re an individual, small to medium business or larger corporation I have the solution for you.

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My Social Media Services

I handle everything that is needed to create, establish and grow social media accounts. From bespoke artwork to Social Media Marketing, I handle it all. This freedom allows my clients to focus on their businesses while I focus on mine marketing their businesses.

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Content Shared Daily

Engaging content including latest news, business updates and related articles will be shared on your social media daily.

Community Engagement

Engaging with your fans, followers and communities I reply promptly to the comments, tweets and messages you receive.

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Profile Optimisation

I will redesign your profiles including new cover and profile graphics as well as optimise your content and profile information.

Social Media Promotion

I will continuously promote your products and services with a perfect balance of content on all social accounts.

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Say ‘Yes’ to your business future

The growth of your business begins with a decision to order my service. You can choose from various plans or contact me for any custom solutions you need.

You can pay via credit card and your plan will be automatically renewed each month. Once you place your order, you’ll get a confirmation mail.

Tell me about your business

I will get to know your business, researching your business products, target audiences and more getting a picture of your personal preferences on social media. All this information will help me better understand your business, making sure relevant content is posted. I will also ask for access to your social media accounts to begin posting.

Your media expansion begins

Once payment is received and information gathered I will begin posting engaging content on your social media accounts and perform tasks as required by your chosen plan.


I will help you build a great audience, develop your social media accounts and grow your social media reach in your area and industry.

A mutually beneficial relationship

Social media management is not a one time thing. I will always keep in touch making sure you are happy with my service.

Social Media Management is about building a happy customer relationship and I will continuously provide you with the best service I can, guaranteed to grow your business, forever.

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What’s included in content posting?

  • Content shared daily, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Content tailored specifically for your business by a content specialist.
  • Engaging content including links, videos, pictures and more.
  • Promotion of your products and services through posts.
  • Custom branded graphics to increase brand awareness.
  • A perfect balance of curated, owned and promotional content.

Check out my Facebook Management Plans and Pricing

Below is my most popular.

  • 2 Articles Posted to your Website Each Month.

  • After a keyword analysis of your Business and industry 2 keyword rich articles are added to your website each month. This is the only true way to increase your websites ranking in Google.

  • More Traffic = More Subscribers
  • With an increase in traffic to your website I can implement a subscriber pop up to your website to encourage email subscribers.

  • 7 Facebook Posts each week
  • I handle the design and growth of your Facebook business page. 7 posts with accompanying artwork are shared each week. Each post is designed to increase followers and expand your marketing reach. However, their true power is in their ability to drive traffic back to your website, thus further increasing your websites ranking in Google.

This closed loop marketing plan will continuously grow and market your business. You get back to doing what you do best – Running your business and allow me to do what I do best – Marketing your business”.

Social Media Management FAQ

What exactly is social media management?

How will my manager know about my accounts?

Are there any hidden costs or contracts?

Can I post on my social media accounts?

What additional services can I get?

Expand your business reach with your own Social Media marketing manager. I personally handle everything including graphic design, logo design, online marketing & blog posting, proving results as I go.

Want to discuss growing your online presence and Facebook reach?
Check out my Facebook Marketing Packages. 
Call me on 021 2340063 or email paul (at) businessmantotherescue (dot) com.

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Paul Feeney is a Brand Manager, SEO Specialist, Marketer and Designer who helps businesses increase traffic, attract more visitors, convert leads and close sales.

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