12 Reasons Why Your Cafe Must Have a Digital Marketing Strategy

12 Reasons Why Your Cafe, Bar or Restaurant Must Have a Digital Marketing Strategy

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12 Reasons Why Your Cafe, Bar or Restaurant Must Have a Digital Marketing Strategy

Before I outline the many benefits of your Cafe (b&r) having a Digital Marketing Strategy in an attempt to convince you to develop one.

I think it is worth noting that according to Google, 60% of small to medium sized Irish businesses don’t presently have an entry in an online directory > More staggeringly over 40% of them don’t actually have websites at all.

If you currently have no online marketing strategy, this should come as some encouragement! As it stands, (in the online landscape of Ireland) you are currently not that far behind.

The huge upside being.

Once you realise the fact that having and growing an online marketing strategy will grow your cafe, bar and / or restaurant.

you immediately jump ahead of most of your competitors.

Established cafes, bars and restaurants all around Ireland are struggling in the new digital age.

Be quick in taking that first step.

Because the moment you do, you will move your eatery a step ahead of most of the country.

1. Digital Marketing Saves Your Cafe Money

I specialise in the growth of cafes, bars & restaurants, so I know first hand that with every form of marketing, budgets are low and results must be generated.

Online marketing strategies for cafes are relatively cheap, if not mostly free to operate.

From directing and capturing viewers on your website to email marketing to social media marketing, each one costs nothing to run once correctly set up.

Of course, once set up, they can run endlessly on converting viewers to subscribers, subscribers to followers and followers to customers.

2. Digital Marketing Offers Your Business more Cross Selling and Up Selling Opportunities

You make a sale – then what? Do you have a system in place to up-sell or cross-sell to these clients in the following weeks, months or years?

Do you have the capacity to sell complimentary items to an already established customer base?

Why not?

For Example:

When a client of mine through my sister print company (Printing.com, Cork) purchases a more expensive item like Gold Business Cards, they automatically get emailed a 25% offer off my Gold Flyers Range

3. Digital Marketing Connects your Cafe with your Local Mobile Market

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Over 80% of cafe related searches are mad via smartphones.

Over 70% of people in Ireland have smartphones (2016). The online usage of smartphones is only going to increase. Every cafe, bar & restaurant has to catch up and capitalise on this already established and enormous marketplace.

To not do so is to stubbornly swim against the tide.

4. New, Younger Cafes, Bars or Restaurants will gain Market Share and Traction Fast

Want proof of this? – Me.

I moved to Cork with €400 and a laptop.

My first company (Printing.com, Cork) now competes with every major Design & Print company in Cork because of my understanding of online marketing.

There is no way I ever would have been able to grow and establish myself to where I am now if I never developed an online marketing presence.

5. Get to Know Your Customers – ALL of Your Customers

Most of your customers are online right now – FACT.

You must get to know them.

Just like you know those who enter your cafe.

Online customers are your customers too!

Conversing with them, keeping in touch with them and valuing them is just as important, if not more so in todays digital world, as it is saying hello to the potential customer who walks in your door.

6. A Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business Helps Maximise your Time and Money

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Cafes must learn to embrace and understand the internet, not fear it.

Appreciate and respect the internet. It is the most powerful invention of our lives.

Tweeting a few tweets and posting a few posts is NOT a Digital Marketing Strategy.

It has taken me years of research and study and an accumulation of tools, software and courses costing in the regions of €6000 to get to grips with what I now know.

Am I an expert? – No.

Have I have learned how to help cafes corner their local market online? – Yes.

Need proof?

Google ‘Business Cards Cork‘, ‘Leaflet printing Cork‘, ‘Flyer printing Cork‘ for my first company Printing.com, Cork and there I am.

Google brand management for cafes for Businessman to the Rescue - and there I am

Ranked above much larger and longer established print companies with more employees, more time and more money.

7. A Digital Marketing Strategy can Help Keep You Focused More than any Other Form of Marketing

Yes, implementing online Marketing strategies can be slow.

But once traction begins to take place its potential can become very addictive.

You begin to realise and believe in the endless possibilities and potential it holds.

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.

From the study and my own experience most of the time the Business owner simply runs out of steam.

Online marketing offers you the ability to see progress.

Yes, progress can be slow in the beginning.

But it is also accumulative.

Once that snowball begins to grow, it grows faster and faster each subsequent year.

It is encouraging to see and unlike offline marketing tactics – it can be tracked, studied and improved as time goes by.

8. A Digital Marketing Strategy Helps Unify and Improve Your Cafes Brand and Marketing in General

Online Marketing tactics for cafes allows us the freedom to connect with customers from many different demographics.

A message which works on Facebook, might not work so well on Twitter.

The posts we place on Linkedin will have to be different to those we email our main body of customers.

As time goes by this gives you gain great insight into what makes your customers tick.

You learn how to craft the perfect marketing messages for certain marketing angles and specific demographics.

The Cafe, Bar or Restaurant which can do this – will always win.

9. Online Marketing Strategies Generate More Leads

Every cafe needs to grow, and forever.

A cafe can NEVER say: “Well that’s us now. We’re number 1 on Google, we have 2000 fans on Facebook, enough customers know us, we can simply stop marketing”.

You know this can never happen.

If you don’t want to market online, no problem.

But you still know you have to hire someone to market online for you.

If you don’t, the new guy will and he will win!

10. Digital Marketing Prepares your Cafe for the Future

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Online Marketing is not a fad. The world is now online – we are not coming off. You MUST begin building your cafes online brand.

In my third point above I mention that over 70% of Ireland own smartphones (2016).

This outlines why you must be online and in the correct way.

Your website must be a responsive website.

Studies have shown that by 2020 the ‘internet of things’ will have spread from smartphones and TV’s to coffee machines, light switches and much, much more.

Get online now (in the correct way!) before you get left far behind.

11. Digital Marketing allows your Cafe to compete with larger Coffee Chains

One of the most underestimated aspects of online marketing is its ability to level the playing field.

If a cafe has a well-designed website combined with clever, automated online marketing systems a customer won’t know if the cafe is a large organisation or a one man show.

12. It Increases Your Cafes Website Traffic

Last but not least.

The most important reason of all for your cafe having a digital marketing strategy.

– To increase web traffic.

If your cafes website does not show up in web searches, it is losing potential revenue – everyday.

95% of customers will only look at the first page of Google results.

Your cafes websites being ranking on Google is critical to its future growth.

More importantly, it is the only way to grow a cafe into a self-sufficient mechanism which can operate and grow independently.

The dependence of your cafes management AND growth can’t solely rest on your shoulders alone.

This is the true power of an online marketing solution.

If any of these 12 reasons apply to your business, Get in touch today

I can design, develop and implement an affordable online marketing strategy guaranteed to grow your cafe, bar or restaurant by cornering your local online market.

From responsive web design to professional Facebook management, professional blogging to sales funnelled Landing Page design,

I will take your cafe, bar or restaurant to the next level.

Want to discuss your Cafes Digital Marketing Strategy?
Get in touch or call me on 021 2340063

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